· "The thought of 10,000 orphans drifting in China brings tears"
· Second mom for the young children from North Korean
· Finding Freedom
· Defectors see a whole new world
· Korea's Underground Railroad
· Durihana acknowledged by mainstram US society



The school choir is a shambles due to the many choir practices the students have missed. The choir was formed in February 2012. The choir didn't have a name in the beginning, but got its appellation 'Hullabaloo Choir' from the ruckus created by distracted students whenever they gathered. ▶more

On World Report tonight, the North Koreans start a daring and dangerous voyage for a new life.
Although they have left the suppressive North Korean regime, they live as slaves in China. ▶more

The state of Colorado proclaimed July 17th "Durihana Day" after a human rights group. Bill Ritter, the governor of Colorado, did this at the North Korean Refugee Weekend ... ▶more
A frigid November day pressed against the windows of a shabby apartment building in the Chinese city of Yanji, ten miles from the North Korean border. Three stories up...