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250 Graduates of ‘durihana International School’ receive full university scholarships to focus on their studies durihana2022-02-16450
249 Have you seen the tears of a pearl? durihana2021-07-07498
248 After Fleeing North Korea, Women Get Trapped as Cybersex Slaves in China New York Times2019-09-14595
247 Pastor known as 'Asian Schindler' risks life to rescue thousands of cybersex slaves in China The Christian Post2019-06-15830
246 Chun Ki-Won: South Korean Minister saves North-Koreans' lives Le Journal du Dimanche2019-06-15753
245 'Fearless' Chun Ki-won has saved more than 1,100 refugees - often by using controversial methods, including the 'Dark Web' SUN2019-06-14885
244 These North Korean defectors were sold into China as cybersex slaves. Then they escaped CNN2019-06-101296
243 Music Brings Together Students from Both Koreas Arirang TV2019-04-14701
242 Young Defector Choir Spreads Message of Hope Arirang TV2019-03-20582
241 The North Korean women who had to escape twice(VOD) BBC News2019-01-22951
240 The North Korean women who had to escape twice BBC2019-01-201382
239 He Helped North Koreans Reach Freedom. Now He Wants South Korea’s Protection. Wall Street Journal2018-12-21720
238 [INTERVIEW] Human traffickers prey on young North Korean women defectors koreatimes2018-12-20977
237 Children of North Korean Mothers Find More Hardship in the South NY Times2018-11-261170
236 Two decades after being sold as bride, North Korean woman finds salvation in Seoul NBC news2018-10-23739
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