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218 North Korean refugees tour New York City ny12017-07-24329
217 [Is your mom North Korean?] Interview of Yeonhee (pseudonym) and Ms. Kim Myungioo (pseudonym) by JeongYejin HAFS2017-07-0785
216 [37-year-old undergraduate] Interview of Ms. Kim Eunkyeong by Kang Jeongeun HAFS2017-07-0763
215 [Prayer is answered] Interview of Ms. Ju Yeeun by Lee Seonyeong HAFS2017-07-0773
214 [Hyesan new bride] Interview of Ms. Kim Yeongok by Lee Naeun HAFS2017-07-07105
213 [North Korean refugee nurse] Interview of Ms. Lee Soonjeong (pseudonym) by Lee Songyi HAFS2017-07-07103
212 [A better world] Interview of Lee Jiwon and Ms. Park Hajin by Kim Nayun HAFS2017-07-07112
211 Interview of Principal of Durihana International School HAFS2017-07-07120
210 Interview of Rev. Chun Kiwon by Kang Jeongeun and Lee Naeun HAFS2017-07-06101
209 Korean War Special-episode 94: ‘The Defector Mother and Chun-Mi’s Miracle’ TV-CHOSUN2017-06-23247
208 North Korean Defector Describes the Shock of Adjusting to a Society With Advanced Technology Wall Street Journa2017-06-15117
207 North Korean kids find new world in South DW News2017-06-15387
206 The Story of Choon-Mi: a Remarkable 35-day Tale of Despair, Recovery, and Hope durihana2017-06-08251
205 'Choon Mi' has finally walked with confidence and returned to 'Durihana International School'. durihana2017-05-31269
204 Choon Mi's diary for 32 days after she encounters with Jesus. durihana2017-05-20154
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