192. Scenes from the opening ceremony of Durihana at Santa Fe, USA.
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Having left Seoul on the 18th at 3pm, I stopped by LA and arrived at my destination after 20 hours of travel but it was still 5pm on the 18th in Santa Fe.

Rev. Ryan Ellsworth came to pick us up and we shared joy in front of the new Durihana office.

My first schedule at Santa Fe started with a live interview from EYEWITNESS NEWS KOB-4 and interviews with 2 other newspapers and 3 TV stations.

The interviews were about the realities of North Korea and about the opening ceremony of Durihana.

Audrey Lee, who always comes and helps with interpretations for Durihana, was there.

From early morning to late in the afternoon, the day was spent having interviews with newspapers and TV stations.

I attended the pastoral meeting of the New Mexico Albuquerque-Santa Fe region with 40 members and met with Philip Rhyu, Mark, Audrey Lee, Chris Daero Lee, Selina, Ryan, and Colleen in front of the church.

After Bill Ritter, Governor of Colorado proclaimed July 17, 2009 as "Durihana Day," May 21, 2016 was the second time to be proclaimed as "Durihana Day." Mayor of Santa Fe, Javier M. Gonzales proclaimed the day that Durihana opened its new office in Santa Fe as "Durihana Day." See Colorado's "Durihana Day"

Rev. Ryan Ellsworth, the Director of Durihana USA in Santa Fe, announces the opening of "Durihana."

Mayor Javier M. Gonzales proclaims "Durihana Day."

Fellow christians drove 20 hours by car from Denver and San Antonio to celebrate the opening of Durihana Santa Fe.

Deacon Daero Lee from New Jersey, who provided perfect interpretation.

Selina Yu from Durihana International School introduces the school and shares her life story.

Translation by Jane Kim, who is from New Zealand and has been serving as a teacher at Durihana International School.

Pastor Kichun Kim of Korean United Methodist Church in Albuquerque provided us with Kimchi and bean curd stew just when we were starting to miss it.

Thank you speech from Rev. Ryan Ellsworth of the City of Faith Christian Fellowship.

City of Faith Christian Fellowship founded for mission work.

Shared the Word of God during the Sunday service at the City of Faith Christian Fellowship.

The house that we were invited to was so large, we needed a navigation system.

We had dinner at the house where there were more than 20 cars that cost over 100 million won, including a car costing over 1 billion won of which only 10 were produced in the US.

People are surprised during the party while I am receiving a call from 19 and 22 year old sisters from North Korea who were sold to a disabled Chinese man.

The rescue mission is ongoing, video conferencing with the sisters who wish to leave China in search of freedom.

The largest city in the state is Albuquerque but Santa Fe is the city of art and culture.

A moment of composure admiring a piece of art after the end of all events.

Spending the last night at Rev. Ryan's place over a campfire at the backyard. He shared the whole house with us.

Elder Kyunghwa Lee, the daughter of lyrics writer of "Spring of Home," Wonsu Lee and lyrics writer "Thinking of My Brother," Soonae Choi, provided us with lunch.