185. Detained S.Korean pastor criticizes ‘NIS puppet’ Christians
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  Name : NK News Date : 2016-01-29 오후 3:40:38

Detained S.Korean pastor criticizes
‘NIS puppet’ Christians

Apparently scripted statement accuses NIS of
manipulating Christian churches, defaming the North

Jiwon Song
January 27th, 2016

A South Korean pastor detained in North Korea appeared on North Korean television and said that Seoul’s National Intelligence Service has manipulated religious groups for its own purposes.

Kim Guk-ki, a China-based missionary detained in North Korea, argued on Uriminzokkiri TV on Tuesday that churches in South Korea are under “NIS manipulation.”

“Religious groups engage in the anti-DPRK strategy and human rights smear campaign under manipulation from the NIS,” said Kim. He added that the “luring and re-educating of defectors” is being carried out systemically in China by religious groups with NIS support.

Kim said that educated defectors working for the NIS provide false testimony at a “sacred place,” citing Ju Sun-yong as an example. Ju was previously a movie star in North Korea, known for her four defections and two returns to the North. Ju currently works as a missionary testifying of her experience all around the world.

Kim said church is where anyone can convey “the most fabricated information in the most effective way as people from different backgrounds stay temporarily.” He said religious group do not consider “taking defectors to NIS” -something he used to do-a crime.

As a message to the church, he said that South Korean Christian leaders should “send a letter of official apology to the DPRK,” for defaming North Korea’s Ministry of State Security and supreme leadership.

Kim has been detained in the North with his companion Choe Chun-gil since May 2015. They were arrested for “anti-state” behavior and sentenced to life in prison in June. Prior to this, they are known to have gone over to North Korea from Dandong in China in December 2014 with invitations from the North.

An experienced pastor involved in North Korean defections raised the possibility that Kim had been kidnapped or lured to enter.

“There are quite a lot of missionaries in China who want to enter North Korea,” Chun Ki-won, a pastor of Durihana Church told NK News.

“It’s illegal to go as a South Korean national, but some do with an ‘unofficial invitation.’ Kim was likely lured by a defector acquaintance to stay there temporarily.”

In the video, Kim keeps looking down as if reading from a script. Chun said it is not surprising as North Korea can, as defectors have said, “make dead people speak.”

“I believe he was no doubt threatened to make testimony before the camera. I feel sorry about it,” Chun said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Unification’s spokesperson Jeong Joon-hee told reporters at a press briefing on Wednesday, that the ministry finds the North’s fabrications, relayed by Kim in the video, “regrettable.” Jeong also encouraged the release of other detainees.

Featured Image: Uriminzokkiri TV