3. Durihana prayer groups for North Korean Refugees
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  Name : Admin Date : 2009-03-20 오전 11:43:43
Hello Everyone May you have peace in our savior Jesus Christ. We are trying to establish prayer groups for North Korean Refugees and our mission for North Korea. Because we live in various parts of the United States (or elsewhere), It is sometimes difficult to gather in one place and pray together. So I thought it would be great, if each of us could set a specific time aside to pray. Or we could do daily prayer assignments. You can set your own prayer schedule and prayer thoughts for NKR. For example: You could select to pray for NKR in the morning between 8:00- 9:00 AM and pray for NKR to have a safe night. Someone else could select to pray between 9:00 - 10:00 AM and pray for the missionaries,etc. Anyone wanting to participate in this prayer movement for NKR, please contact me and let me know your prayer times and prayer thoughts. We can suggest prayer thoughts for NKR according to updated news from China, North Korea, or NKR's status that lives in the United States.